Housing and property financing Bank is under formation

Goh Betoch Bank is under formation. Goh is a housing-cum-commercial banking entity and it will have a 70-30 mix of loan portfolio, where the bulk of its loan is dedicated to housing finance. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goh is not able to finalize its establishment process. As a result they have decided to extend the duration of selling shares until June 23, 2020.

Goh is collecting its capital as share from the public that includes Ethiopian Diaspora. You are invited to participate in purchasing shares.

The fact that it will focus in housing and property financing makes Goh unique from other banks operating in the country. Major services that GoH will provide are the following:-

  • Credit for Construction of property (could be individual homes, real estate development and other similar loans);
  • Loan for purchase of housing assets;
  • Loan for housing completion;
  • Improvement and extension of existing property;
  • Construction of warehouse and shades;
  • Real Estate loans for developers;
  • Own construction and sale of real estate property.
  • Commercial banking, which includes the customary services provided by banks in the country such as commercial credit of short to medium nature, remittance (local and cross border), checking account and other deposit services, payment and trade services, to name but few.

Source :- https://www.gohbetochbanksc.com/

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